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What does the UI kit
Absolutely, Nothing.
Haha messing with ya, there’s an entire mobile product in here. There are 35+ Editable Screens for you to play with. I’ve also ensured the layers are named and organized, and are ready to be opened and played with.

Take advantage of my madness, I’m giving this 35+ screen UI kit for FREE. Come to think of it, I’m having some second thoughts on the whole FREE thing. I’d suggest you download, open and play with it NOW before I change my mind.

Yes, you’re right but it’s for your own good.
This Floating Action Button along with Bottom Action Bar are versatile, lets the user easily access/navigate to core features of the product.
But they also drive the user nuts as they hamper the viewport experience while scrolling. In the age of infinite scroll, give the user as much screen as possible to display that beautiful content.So to manage the necessary evil, I’m going to lessen their impact in interactions where, the FAB disappears from view as soon the user scrolls down ~80 - 100px and only pops back when the user scrolls up ~80 - 100px.

Now, these values will change based on the product, the product goals, and user goals. So, always prototype, test, map, analyze, iterate and you do the whole thing over and over again.

Yeah, it never stops.
Bottom Nav Bar
Now, for Unsplash, the main user goal is to scroll through the images and find the ideal one. So, if you need to incorporate all those other sub-core features

a. Shop for Merch.
b. Explore Curated Collections.
c. Submit your photo.

A bottom nav bar is necessary but who am I kidding, they’re an eyesore and I used the FAB to hide it and only summon when you need it. Also, I used the same scroll interaction as before on the FAB, to reduce their viewport impact.
Top Menu (A.K.A Hamburger Menu)
All those other features, ahem, the less fortunate ones like

a. Profile and Related Functions
b. Made with Unsplash
c. Licenses
d. Hiring (this I’m not entirely sure but I put it in any way)

need a place to stay and the dreaded top menu is an ideal candidate. You can again lessen its impact by its placement but then again, it depends on what you’re needs will be. Every product is bespoke and only certain foundations, guidelines can be followed, rest you gotta build, deploy, test, feedback, iterate and repeat.
Download Now
Sample Screens of the UI kit
Scroll on and get a glimpse of what’s on offer and I can’t state this again, it’s for FREE.
Final Section Image1Final Section Image2Final Section Image3Final Section Image4Final Section Image5Final Section Image6Final Section Image7Final Section Image8Final Section Image9
Built by
Addie Design Co
(Anoop Bhat)
Now, I wouldn’t be able to build this without the exemplary effort by the Unsplash Team and the Creative professionals who power it. Both are absolute assets to the industry and I bow down for all the stellar work done by them.
Thank you.
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